Tani Tabbal

  Triptych (Tabbalia)

  Mixed Motion (Tabbalia)

  Wizards (Tabbalia)

  Before Time After (Tabbalia)


Roscoe Mitchell

  Bells for the South Side - (ECM)

  Far Side / The Note Factory - (ECM)

  Turn - (Rogue Art)

  Composition/Improvisation Nos. 1,2&3 /

   Transatlantic Art Ensemble - (ECM)

  The Bad Guys: Live in Fano - (Around Jazz)

  Nine To Get Ready - (ECM)

  This Dance Is for Steve McCall -

    (Black Saint)

  Live at the Knitting Factory - (Black Saint)

  Sound Ensemble Live in Detroit -

   (Cecma Records)

  3 x 4 Eye - (Black Saint)

  Roscoe Mitchell and the Sound and Space

   Ensembles - (Black Saint)

  More Cut-Outs - (Cecma Records)

  Snurdy McGurdy and Her Dancin' Shoes -



James Carter Quartet

  In Carterian Fashion - (Atlantic)

  Conversin' with the Elders - (Atlantic)

  The Real Quiet Storm - (Atlantic)

  Jurassic Classics - (DIW)

  JC on the Set - (DIW)


Sun Ra and his Arkestra

  Dual Change - (Saturn Records)

  Somewhere Else - (Rounder)

  Journey Stars Beyond - (Saturn Records)


Leroy Jenkins

  The New Chamber Jazz Quintet - (Geodesic)


Douglas Ewart

  Ewart/Barefield/Tabbal Trio - (Geodesic)





David Murray

  Picasso - (DIW)

  South of the Border - (DIW)

  David Murray Big Band / Conducted by

   Lawrence 'Butch' Morris - (DIW)

Remembrances - (DIW)


Geri Allen

  Maroons - (Blue Note)

  Twylight - (Minor Music)

  Open on All Sides / in the Middle -
   (Minor Music)


Cassandra Wilson

  She Who Weeps - (JMT)


Griot Galaxy

  Live at the D.I.A. - (Entropy)

  Opus Krampus - (Sound Aspect)

  Kins - (Black and White)


Steve Coleman / Greg Osby -

Strata Institute

  Cipher Syntax - (JMT)


Barefield Holland Tabbal Trio

  Live at Nickelsdorf - (Sound Aspects)

  Transdimensional Space Window -



spencer Barefield

  Xenogenesis 2000 -
   (CAC/Xenogesis Music)

  Live in Detroit - (CAC/Xenogesis Music)


Kamau kenyatta

  Strong Men - (Omni Arts)

  Bigger - (Omni Arts)


Reginald 'shoo be doo' fields

  Reminiscing - (WinHa)

  Good to Go - (WinHa)



Karl Berger

  Stillpoint - (Double Moon Records)


evan parker

  Boustrophedon / Transatlantic Art

    Ensemble -  (ECM)


Rod Williams

  Destiny Express - (Muse Records)

  Hanging In The Balance - (Muse Records)


Craig Taborn Trio

  The Craig Taborn Trio - (DIW)


Hugh Ragin

  Feel The Sunshine - (Justin Time Records)


Joe Giardullo

  Now Is - (Drimala Records)

  Shadow and Light - (Drimala Records)


John Menegon

  Search Light featuring Dewey Redman -

   (Jazz in the Mountains)

  Soul Advice (Jazz in the Mountains)


Ray Spiegel

  Moksha - (Simla House)

  Raga Jazz Ray Spiegel Ensemble -
   (Simla House)


Ras t & asheber  Posse

  Take Time Out - (Imogene Records)


kesang marstrand

  Bodega Rose - (North Node Records)



John Lindberg/Rahman Jamaal,

with Tani Tabbal

  Tha Sound of Truth - (Planet Arts)







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